It feels good to thank and be thanked. Which got us wondering:

What would happen if we all did a lot more of it? 

What if we could show others more appreciation for all the big and little things they do in a fun and easy-to-send digital card?

With that, thankr was born.

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  • Danielle Gillespie

    thankr is my middle name

    Danielle Gillespie is tech-crazy, LOVES video and discovered the fun in thanking more than 10 years ago. Her personal motto, “it’s a great day to thank someone!” She encourages you to give it a try and see what you think.

    Giving Back: Girl's Hope of Pittsburgh, Summerbridge Pittsburgh, Tull Family Theater

  • Beth Pyle

    thankr extraordinaire

    Beth Pyle runs a VERY active household and is also the mother of two energetic young children who keep her running at warp speed. She believes in the power of the thank you note but had to brace herself for the challenge of getting her kids to write them! Beth is a founding member of the thankr team and wants to help moms everywhere simplify their lives.

    Giving Back: Austin's Playroom, Edgeworth Elementary School, Local Youth Sports

  • Max Gillespie

    thankr team

    Max Gillespie graduated from Washington University in St Louis in May 2020! He majored in Electrical Engineering/Comp Sci while pursuing Entrepreneurship. In his free time, he likes to play the guitar, bike and help startups create a professional on-line presence.

    Giving Back: Huntsman Cancer Institute, Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, Sewickley Academy

Improve your B2C Business Success by Standing out from the Crowd!

Improve your B2C Business Success by Standing out from the Crowd!

You probably clicked on this article because you’re a businessperson or entrepreneur looking to improve their B2C business success. Most likely, you’ve got a desire to improve sales for yourself or your company. Perhaps you’ve examined different approaches to best hold loyal customers, or turn interested clients into paying customers.


Luckily, you’re not alone–hundreds of thousands of people face the same challenges as you in their day-to-day life, and it’s no secret that a time-tested approach to improving sales is to better develop a relationship with present and future customers.


A connection may be fostered in a number of different ways. Typically, B2C businesspeople struggle with the sheer magnitude of potential customers they deal with, and rightly so. You can’t take every potential customer out to lunch and expect to see reasonable sales. How, then, can you improve relationships with customers; is it some impossible task, one which is only reserved for those willing to work thankless hours for the possibility of no return on their investment?


Of course it isn’t!


The secret of improving customer relationships is the expression of gratitude. However, it’s slightly more complicated than that. Of course, many people write thank you notes regularly in the hope of improving customer relationships. Allow me to illustrate the challenges of traditional ‘thank you’ notes with a fictional character, Becky. Becky works as a real estate agent for a small firm in Philadelphia.


Becky works 10-12 hours every day, aiming to send out 15-30 cards every day.  However, it’s a tall order– both because the task itself is challenging and costly, and also because of the inconveniences inherent to traditional notes.


Becky’s day is spent on the go; between touring clients through properties and ensuring properties are in tour-worthy condition, she never really finds herself in one place, nor often with a flat surface to write on. As a result, Becky wastes precious moments out of her day with idle time, without even approaching her full potentially optimized card output.


Imagine if Becky were using Thankr rather than traditional notes–each note would have a personal touch, not only because she would be personally addressing each client in a short video blurb, but also because each digital note could be customized with her company’s logo and tailored by Thankr’s peerless design team.


Most importantly, however, Becky’s life would be back in her hands. With this new level of control, she could send 10 notes in 10 minutes from any location, rather than taking 5 minutes per note, while simultaneously being inconvenienced by the fact that she has to find a stable writing surface.


Using Thankr as a business tool could drastically change your B2C transactions!


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