It feels good to thank and be thanked. Which got us wondering:

What would happen if we all did a lot more of it? 

What if we could show others more appreciation for all the big and little things they do in a fun and easy-to-send digital card?

With that, thankr was born.

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  • Danielle Gillespie

    thankr is my middle name

    Danielle Gillespie is tech-crazy, LOVES video and discovered the fun in thanking more than 10 years ago. Her personal motto, “it’s a great day to thank someone!” She encourages you to give it a try and see what you think.

    Giving Back: Girl's Hope of Pittsburgh, Summerbridge Pittsburgh, Tull Family Theater

  • Beth Pyle

    thankr extraordinaire

    Beth Pyle runs a VERY active household and is also the mother of two energetic young children who keep her running at warp speed. She believes in the power of the thank you note but had to brace herself for the challenge of getting her kids to write them! Beth is a founding member of the thankr team and wants to help moms everywhere simplify their lives.

    Giving Back: Austin's Playroom, Edgeworth Elementary School, Local Youth Sports

  • Max Gillespie

    thankr team

    Max Gillespie graduated from Washington University in St Louis in May 2020! He majored in Electrical Engineering/Comp Sci while pursuing Entrepreneurship. In his free time, he likes to play the guitar, bike and help startups create a professional on-line presence.

    Giving Back: Huntsman Cancer Institute, Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, Sewickley Academy

Graduation: Time to Say Thank You to Your Village

Graduation: Time to Say Thank You to Your Village

As the graduation season approaches, our thoughts always wander back to the power of education and how lucky we are to have, ourselves, been exposed to countless influential educators. And while on that thought train, we are inevitably reminded of the saying, attributed to an African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

In this context, the Village is that combination of people who have contributed to the person you (or your children) become. And while this village of educators comes in various shapes and sizes – whether academic, athletic, the arts, a mentor or a family member/close friend – every single one contributes a small sliver to each person’s unique journey.

Not every stop on this journey is marked by an epic act of contribution; oftentimes the smallest efforts can have an unexpectedly large impact. It could be that great computer teacher who inspires her students to build an escape room (anything is possible!) or that biology teacher that has found a way to show students how to make a global impact. There are coaches who show students what good sportsmanship looks like, how to work on a team or how to keep your cool in a tense situation. And there are those shining babysitters who put their devices away and simply play with their charges.

Really great educators meet all students on their own level, recognizing not only the flashiest but also the quiet forces who don’t demand attention and don’t need to be in the limelight.

We strongly believe that educators don’t just teach facts and figures, but they do impart upon us a feeling of self-confidence, an awareness of the world around us and the desire to want to share with others what we have learned.

Wouldn’t it be nice, then, to say a little something to all of the great educators in your life? Well…graduation season is a great time to do so! Why not think about your village and create a personal thankr list this spring. In doing so you can deliver a little (fast, fun) digital gratitude in a meaningful way.

P.S. if you are so inclined, you can find the thankr app on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Happy thanking 🙂

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